Michelle Rabinowitz

My son has been at MELC preschool for over a year. The teachers, as well as the administrative staff have been so supportive and cooperative. I appreciate their collaboration not only with me but with other providers that have been involved. I have enjoyed working with them and will miss them as he transitions to […]

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Ann Johnston

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Directors, District Liaison, Program Managers and staff of Manchester Early Learning Center (MELC) for the past five years at Verplanck Elementary School, Keeney Street School and most recently at Buckley Elementary School. I can say with complete sincerity that MELC has directly impacted the lives of

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Joseph Whaley

I enjoy working with MELC because it allows me to help Manchester students become quality citizens in our community. Growing up as a kid in Manchester, this is a way for me to give back to the community and mentor students of all ages.

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Over the last four years, Manchester Early Learning Center has been an instrumental contributing factor in what we deem in our household as successful balance. We are a household of two full time working parents outside the home and without the support of the MELC before and after school program, we would not have been

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Tony Zanks

MELC runs a smooth program that offers all a parent could want in before / after school childcare. My children get to eat breakfast and burn some energy in an organized manner before they need to sit and learn all day. After school is filled with games, outside play, snack time, and assistance with homework.

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